Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our Weekend--Swim Lessons

One day I might actually be caught up, and I can do our weekend post on a Monday like normal bloggers. ;)

We had a gift card, so we started out our day with a special breakfast!

Then we headed straight from breakfast to the gym.  The kids had their swim assessments a few weeks ago, and Saturday was finally their first lesson.

talking to Olivia's teacher
We decided to do lessons at the gym because of price and location/convenience.  Olivia has taken lessons on and off through the years (but is still a beginner!), but this was Logan's first time.

One of my children thinks he's Michael Phelps, and the other cries when she gets water on her face... so they both needed lessons for their own reasons.  I was super proud of Olivia when she actually did bob under the water multiple times--getting her entire head wet.  She loves "swimming", but she isn't a fan of water... if that makes sense.  So this is big for her!

The parents have to sit off to the side in the parent gallery.  Which I get, but as you can see, Olivia spent half her time looking over at me to make sure I could see that she was doing it. :/  And you can see Logan and Michael in the background in the baby and toddler class.  There were multiple different lessons going on in the different lanes at the same time.

Olivia working on her back and Logan jumping in.  The teacher had him jump in, and she left him under water a little longer than he would have liked, so then he refused to jump back in for her.

The last 5 minutes the parents come over and watch what they've learned.

I know there are other kids her age that are already great swimmers, but this is a big deal for her.  She doesn't like being on her back in the water.  I think it makes her feel like she doesn't have control.

I liked Logan's face and little wave to me in this one.

After the lessons were over, Olivia wanted to show Michael what she had learned.  So we headed out to the outside pool.  In the future, we will have to come more prepared.  We could have stayed a lot longer had I brought my suit, and if we had puddle jumpers for the kids.  So that may be our new Saturday morning routine.

We headed home for lunch.  We actually had to wake Logan up a little after 9, so I knew a nap wasn't going to happen.  Instead, we packed up and headed to the library.  There is a library about 2 minutes from our house, but it's small.  Instead, we headed to the larger library.  There are more things for the kids to do, and a better selection of books.  Plus, every Saturday from 1 to 5 they have board games in a room for families to play together.  So we played things like Jenga and Sorry that we don't have at home.  We all got some new books, and the kids got a DVD each as well.

We were there for a while, but then it was time to go.  We were trying to think of something to do that was cheap and fun and family friendly.  We eventually decided on the splash pad.  There is one at Olivia's favorite park, and she is always begging to go there and play.
There was a birthday party going on and there was an Anna and Elsa all dressed up and in the water. (Crazy!)  So Olivia was observing...

We played in the water, took a break and ran around the playground some, then went back to the water to cool off.  An hour out in the heat was more than enough.

We picked up some Canes, headed home for dinner, took showers and got in our pajamas, and then ended the night by watch a library DVD.   It was a fun, (mostly) free family day!  Just what we all needed.

We kept Sunday kind of chill.  We read our library books, cleaned, played, and set up the majority of our homeschool "classroom".  Olivia is in love, and I'm pretty happy about it myself!!! Pictures to come!

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