Sunday, July 3, 2016

Olivia's 5th Birthday

Since we were having a big (to us) party, we kept the actual day kind of low key. 
But we did celebrate, of course!
Olivia and Michael immediately headed to Dunkin Donuts to pick up some donuts for the special day!

Then we let her open some of her gifts.  She had a few gifts from her grandma (Michael's mom) and a big box of treasures from her Aunt Jenny.

Modeling some of her gifts from Aunt Jenny--necklaces, bracelets, headbands...

Boppa headed to work, and Olivia went to straight to work on some of her art project gifts.

She took a break from art to watch a new movie she got--Snow White.  Which she "loved".

She did some coloring with Logan.

Then it was back to art! This box kit came with 4 dolls to decorate and design outfits for.  It was probably one of her most favorite gifts.  She did two right in a row.

When I asked her at breakfast what she wanted to do for the day, her only request was to have a salami sandwich. :)  So that is what we did. Michael came home for lunch and we had salami sandwiches. 

Funny side note--Michael was praying for our lunch and he thanked God for Olivia.  As soon as he was done praying Logan added, "And thank you for Logan, too."  LOL!  He didn't understand why Michael was specifically calling out Olivia.  It totally cracked me up.  Sweet boy!

Our afternoon was pretty normal, but instead of napping myself, I ordered her a season of PJ Masks on Amazon Prime and we binge watched for a bit.  :)

As soon as Boppa came home, we headed to Cheddar's for dinner.  She can't get enough of that fried cheese and ranch dressing!

We also shared a cookie monster at the end.  Which is definitely a special treat!

She poses every. single. time. we get home.  So I told her to hold up a 5.

and what one does... the other must do :)

We came home for round 2 of gifts.  She had 2 gifts from us, 1 gift from Logan, and a big gift from grandma that she hadn't opened yet.

After she opened her gifts, she skyped with her grandma.

It was a low key day, but if you know Olivia, then you know it was just about perfect.  Her favorite foods, her favorite items as gifts, art projects, watching her favorite show, opening gifts... perfect!

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