Friday, July 8, 2016

Olivia's Art, Age 4

Well, this post was meant for about a month ago.  So these are actually all from before Olivia's birthday (which is why it says age 4).  A LOT of art is created here on a regular basis.  Which means there are a LOT of papers floating around.  The clutter hating minimalist wanna be in me cringes every time I see her overflowing desk.  But the mom and teacher in me wants to encourage her creativity and let her have her space and her works of art handy.  But it reached the point where I couldn't take it much longer.  So I decided to just take a picture of some of her better pieces of work, to save and look back on, but then to trash the rest before we were all buried in a mound of drawings.  So here are some of the things she has done over the past few months.

A bunny, a cat, and part of a car

Olivia playing basketball
(Logan's hoop has a large plastic blue bottom!  And she is still working on hand sizing. Ha!)

A tall glass of lemonade and some lemon pie.  Yum!

Rainbows, birds, butterflies, and flowers are favorites around here.

The top are vegetables that she likes, the middle is fruit, and the bottom are treats

A cute little turtle

More butterflies

She actually did this at preschool for vegetable week.  We have radishes, jalapeno peppers (I knew they were jalapenos because she said, "The kind of pepper that makes you breath fire out of your mouth"), carrots, and tomatoes.  I love how she has the roots, and that some of the vegetables are above ground and some are under.

A house with some trees

A girl playing at a park

A necklace, a cake, and a bracelet

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