Monday, July 18, 2016

Music Camp

I mentioned earlier that I didn't want to sign Olivia up for a bunch of expensive camps this summer, but I did sign her up for one mini camp.  It was at the church we play at sometimes.  It was affordable, we are all familiar with the place and the director, and it had a music focus--which is not my strong suit.  So I thought it would be a perfect fit for us.
It was an under construction type theme.  It was the week after the 4th, so it was for four mornings.  It was sort of set up like a VBS, but with more of a focus on music.  She did crafts, had play time, had a snack, and learned new songs.  She made new friends, and came home every day telling me how she loved it.

They were suppose to have a performance on the Friday night of that week.  My intention was to skip it, and the director said that was fine.  So I didn't take off work.  I've taken off quite a bit lately (Target doesn't have a problem with it, but my checks reflect it!), and I didn't want to take off work just to go sweat through her being a train wreck on stage.  But come Friday afternoon she was going on and on about how she was going to sing on stage.  I told Michael it was up to him if he wanted to take her, and he happily agreed.  So off they went...

And don't you know, she did GREAT!  No meltdown.  No acting weird.  Just a perfectly normal performance.

And it was the biggest stage she had ever been on--with the most kids and the largest audience.  So who knows with this girl. But she apparently had a great time.

Logan and Boppa watched from the balcony.

And she was thrilled that she got a cookie when it was all over.

So that was our one camp experience!  
They left there and headed to her preschool to pick up her t-shirt for VBS.  On to another week of fun.

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