Wednesday, July 13, 2016

An Olivia update

We had Olivia's 5 year check up a few weeks ago.  There isn't a ton to report from it.  She had the entire staff cracking up at how much she had to say, how very literal she was, the many questions she asked... There were quite a few comments about not worrying about her verbal skills or vocabulary.

She pretty much shoots out of bed in the morning (because she wants to make sure she doesn't miss saying good bye to Michael), and then she just starts talking. And talking. And talking.  Like she goes from dead sleep to hundreds of words in a few seconds flat. ;)  She follows Michael around as he gets ready and just talks his ear off until he has to leave for work.  She has a LOT to say!

Really, the only update I have is that she grew 2 1/2 inches and gained 6 pounds.  If you remember, she didn't grow ANYTHING between her 3 year visit and her 4 year visit.  Her doctor said her growth curve looks great, and all is well.

She wears size 5T for clothes, and is in an 11 for shoes.

She loves to be a helper, and we have been working on a lot of life skill/responsibility type things.

She sets the table.
She clears her own items from the table.
Obviously she cleans up her own toys.
She's learning how to use her special kid knives, and loves to cut up fruit for dinner.
She puts the silverware away from the dishwasher.
She's helped make a few meals before--things like fried rice and pasta.
She's learning how to make her own sandwiches.
She gets her own breakfast in the morning.
She puts away her own folded laundry.
She helps sort the laundry, and loves folding wash clothes.
She dresses herself (although sometimes I veto the choice depending on where we are headed.)
Both kids want to try to help when I am cleaning. They love to dust or use clorox wipes.  Last week I gave her a rag and had her clean some baseboards, and she did great!  If she is willing, then I am going to take advantage! :)

We have also been working on academic stuff here and there.

She can count to 110 by herself.  She just learned to do that on our trip, so she's pretty proud and tells everyone who will listen.

She's recently learned how to read.  She has known her letters and sounds for a long time.  She's also been sounding them out and blending sounds together for a long time.  But we just pulled out some beginner reader type books and she started reading sentences.  She's picked it up pretty quickly.  She's even been reading US the bedtime story.

We've added the privilege of having access to scissors and glue without supervision.  So she's been learning to use those appropriately.

She can also write pretty well, and will often use inventive spelling (teacher term?) to write out sentences.  She does pretty well with it too!  As a former teacher with some experience in this department, I can usually read what she wrote.

She's totally ready for Kindergarten, and wanted to start weeks ago!  I told her we have to wait until we get through all these camps and VBS.

That about sums up where she's at.  She's a really good big sister. They fight like all siblings do, but she is also a great teacher for him and she is always encouraging him and loving on him.

And her love language is quality time, so even if we spent every waking minute playing with her it would not be enough.  She wants to constantly be engaged with someone.  So we are working on the importance of independent play.

We're ready to have a great FIVE YEAR OLD year! :)

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