Friday, July 15, 2016

Sno Cones and Trains

I'll be honest and say that we northerners would rather have ice cream or custard over shaved ice any day.  But sno cones are a thing here, and we did discover The Sno Cone Lady last year.  She's by far our favorite. I figured we'd visit at least once this summer, so it got added to the bucket list.

We were in Frisco for a stop at IKEA, so we headed over with grandma and got a treat.
That's a small!!  And only for $2!  Win!

I like the ones with cream in them.  I don't think the kids are all that picky.

After we ate about half of our sno cones, we walked over and checked out some trains that were sitting there. Logan loves trains!

Cuties with purple mouths!

Conveniently he's wearing his train shirt... just not looking at the camera.

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