Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Picture Dump

This post is actually long overdue.  Most of these are from before we even went on vacation. But I don't want to miss out on documenting some of these, so forgive their tardiness...

We don't really bring a bag of tricks or electronic devises when we go out to eat.  We try to just color or have conversations.  If it is taking a while, we sometimes make patterns out of the sugar packets.  One day back in April, Logan was eating his lunch and he called me over.  He said, "Look at my pattern, mommy! High five for my pattern."  I'm not sure if it was a fluke or not, but I was impressed!

We met our friends at Chuck E Cheese to have one last hurrah before we left for vacation and they moved to Colorado.

All 4 saying good bye!

They've known each other since birth!

Michael was putting my new Texas plates on my car, and the kids came out and just started playing around in the car.

Olivia found these glasses at our last life group and was playing around with them.

A little blurry, but Logan with the glasses.

We made quite a few trips to Hobby Lobby to buy items for her birthday party (with coupons!).  Here she decided to try on this hat.

Logan with the hat 


Playing at First Friday again!

Climbing, climbing!

Using my robe belt as a scarf of sorts

Hobby Lobby again!

Playing together ;)

Thinking he is hilarious by sitting in the doll high chair.  This kid.

She got a card in the mail from her BFF Cammy. They are going to be pen pals!  She was super excited!

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