Thursday, July 21, 2016

June Photo Dump

Here are some of my June pictures that never got shared.
Crazy monkeys eating bananas.  Typical Logan face.  He cracks me up.

Olivia made Logan a sleeping bag. That is him pretending to sleep.

Then she made herself one.  Um... they do have sleeping bags they can play with. Sillies.

On one of our Hobby Lobby runs, Olivia was dancing through the aisles.  I had to look back at a text I sent to Michael, because her wording was cracking me up.  She said, "Look at these darling pumpkins!  It's like a whole new world of wonder!"  Ha ha ha!!

This was post spin...  we went to another aisle and she said, "I just adore all of these blue dishes."  She's an old soul, this one.

Logan was "swinging" across his crib because he was a monkey.  Then he said, "Take a picture!"

Building a Lego masterpiece together

Michael takes the kids swimming at night sometimes while I work.  But we went as a family for the first time over Father's Day weekend.  Swimming in a pool was on Olivia's bucket list, and since we could check that off--she set out to accomplish another task.  Playing blocks.  What can I say? We love lists! ;)

 Have I mentioned that he's a character? :)

Remember that video interview I did of Olivia?  Well, she got her phone from her kitchen and was doing a video interview of me.  She was asking my name, my age, and any other question she could recall.

In the midst of my mom being here and birthday party planning, I had my MOPS steering retreat.  We met at a hotel, went for dinner, planned all night long, and then went to bed late.

We stayed at a nice trendy hotel.  Some people decided to go home, since we had finished at night and didn't need to meet in the morning.  To which I said they were crazy. A free hotel room?  No one waking me up at 7 AM? A bed to myself?  No, I am not going home at 3 in the morning.  Y'all are crazy!

Not the best lighting, but I love this picture of these two right before Olivia's party.  Michael hopped up on the counter to take a seat, and Olivia insisted on sitting with him. I love their bond.

We haven't been able to make it to too many church OR MOPS play dates this summer because of scheduling conflicts, but we did make it to a church play date at the splash pad.

We attempted to go to a Michael's craft camp while my mom was here. That way she could stay with Olivia and do the crafts, and I could watch Logan.  I thought it was a come and go type of thing, but that is apparently only on the Saturday morning times. The weekday camps actually start at a specific time.  So we were a little too late.  Instead, we roamed Michael's, bought some treasures, and had a little fun.  Michael's craft camp is going to have to wait until next summer when the little guy can participate too.

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