Tuesday, July 19, 2016

VBS, Take 1

There are some people that sign their kids up for a different VBS every week of the summer. That's exhausting to me.  I like to stick with the church that is by our house.  It's our friend's church, they have a fantastic preschool, we are familiar with it, it's close, and it just works for us.  She went last year, and I registered her months ago for this year's.  One VBS is fine by me.

But then I got an email from her preschool director.  If you had completed Pre-K and were heading into Kindergarten this year, then you could join their VBS.  So I decided we'd do it, and attend TWO weeks of VBS this year.  I mostly did it because she loves her preschool, but also because I was hoping she'd get to see some of her classmates.  And three of her favorites did attend.  Unfortunately, they weren't all in the same class.  But she was still happy to be there all the same.

Most churches do one of two different themes each year.  Everyone buys their materials from the same place.  (Which is also why VBS hopping every week seems a little weird to me.)  But her preschool is a smaller Presbyterian church, and they just did their own thing.  The case of the Scottish Sleuths was solving the case of the Baffling Beginnings.

She's trying to stand "like a detective" :)

There were decorations everywhere.  At first, Olivia thought they were trying to solve the case of the broken window.  We were discussing it on the way home the first day, and she said, "Well, someone left paper footprints on the ground for us"... LOL!  No fooling this girl. Then she gave me a few scenarios of who could have done it.  Then she said, "But I think I solved the mystery.  I think someone just drew a broken window and taped it to the wall."  This still cracks me up a week later.  Do not try to tape some construction paper to a wall, people.  She's on to you!!! ;)

She had lots of fun every day. She loved the crafts, snacks, songs, and goodies she got to bring home.

The last day was suppose to be a water day, but it rained so they just stayed inside.  Then the parents came a little early and watched the kids sing the songs they had learned and viewed a slideshow of the weeks activities.  Someone got a little too into the songs and was jumping around like an epileptic.  So our stage performance issues aren't all cleared up, but what are you going to do?! ;) LOL!

It's not as big or as flashy as some of the other churches in the area, but it was still a win in our book.

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