Monday, July 11, 2016

Puzzles (and Games)

Before we left for vacation, Olivia got on a puzzle kick.  She can do 48 piece puzzles by herself, and went to town working on all of the ones we had.

So we started doing some 60 piece puzzles together, too.  She can do pretty well on her own.  She knows to sort the edges from the middles and to start with the corners.

So I put puzzles as one of our summer bucket list items.  And when people asked me for birthday gift ideas, I asked for puzzles and games.  She's on a game kick, too!

I'm sure there are many more puzzles in our future this summer, but I think we can check this off of our bucket list!

She's already completed a few that she got for her birthday. She did a few 100 piece puzzles all by herself, and she's pretty proud of herself!

I didn't put games on the bucket list, but we've been playing a lot of Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Guess Who.  She got a few new games for her birthday, too.  So I'm sure those will be in the rotation soon.

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