Thursday, June 5, 2014

Three and Four Month Loves

Like I stated in my last "loves" post, we haven't gotten too many new items in the way of baby gear.  But I still thought I'd share a few items that we have used and loved in the past few months.

I first heard about this when I was pregnant with Olivia.  I thought it looked gross and sounded gross and wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.  I even remember making fun of it to Michael. As time went on and she was born I just kept hearing more and more people rave about it.  Olivia wasn't really a sick baby, so we didn't have much need for snot sucking.  But I think she was around 15 months or so and got a cold that just wasn't going away and I broke down and ordered this.  It is great.  It gets the boogies out way better than those bulbs.  Logan was congested sometime around week 2.  I used it multiple times and cleared him out each night before bed.  It was great for that infant congestion that they get.  I am a believer now.  I use it to just get regular boogies out too.  Logan hasn't had a cold yet, but obviously he doesn't know how to blow his nose so sometimes mommy has to assist.

Multi Camera Monitor

I have been saying for years that a video monitor was a must for me.  I worked with Little Man from when he was 2 1/2 to 6 1/2 and I used a monitor every single day I worked.  I knew long before having kids that this was hands down something that I would want and use.  We had a really nice video monitor with Olivia.  For the most part, I thought ahead to the second child when choosing items.  I tried to go gender neutral on the big ticket items, but for whatever reason I didn't think about making sure my monitor had two cameras.  Unfortunately, right before Logan's arrival our monitor just stopped working.  So we ended up having to buy a whole new system anyway.  But had it had two cameras or the option of purchasing a second camera, we probably would have looked into fixing it or talking to the company about it.  Instead we just went ahead and solved our two camera issue.  We tried out the Foscam for three days.  It had rave reviews from people I knew, but ultimately didn't work for us.  So we went with an actual monitor.  I love it.  I can watch Olivia and her shenanigans during nap.  Then I can see both of them at night. I keep the volume set to Logan's room at night since he still wakes up, but I can peek at Olivia when needed too. It is worth every penny to me!

In case anyone is interested... here are the one month, two months, three months and four months lists from when Olivia was a baby.  We are still using most of those items in one form or another!

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