Sunday, June 29, 2014

Strawberry Picking

We barely squeaked this in.  We had plans to go the first weekend of the month, which was the beginning of the picking season. But the day we set out to go was the same day we went to the turtle lady.  It ended up not working out.  The next few weekends were full of special events--anniversary, Father's Day, a birthday.  This past weekend was pretty much the end of the season.  The place closest to us was picked over, so we had to travel a little ways.  We went to the same farm where we had gone on one of our pumpkin picking adventures.  I had actually picked strawberries there with Little Man in the past.

This was Olivia's first time picking strawberries.  She seemingly knew just what to do.

The fields were a little picked over, so we had to search a little bit. But there was still plenty for us.

Michael showed Olivia the difference between a good strawberry and a bad one.  She caught on quick.

There were a few thistles in the patch, so we had to be a little careful.

She had a blast!

This little guy started out in the ergo.  He only lasted about 5 minutes before he got to be super fussy.  So I just held him.

She kept saying, "This looks like a good one!"

It was pretty hot, so we only picked one of the smaller containers.  We were probably out there about a half an hour.

We used some of our new strawberries in a smoothie at dinner.

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