Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Olivia's Birthday, Take 2

Even though we celebrated Olivia's birthday a day early, I wanted to make sure that her actual day was a little special.  I didn't want to do anything crazy, but she definitely knew that her birthday was on Monday but that we were celebrating on Sunday.

She slept in until 9.  We heard her on the monitor and went up.  I had hung a few streamers on her door, and we kicked in balloons as we went in singing.
She just kept saying that she couldn't believe it was finally her birthday!

Part of Olivia's gift from Michael's mom was a dress up storage unit for all of her dresses.  Michael didn't have time to put it together before her party.  He put it together Sunday night after she went to bed.  It ended up working out perfect.  She walked out of her room, down the stairs, and saw it.  She took a look, checked herself out in the mirror on the side, and took another look.

Obviously it's going to go in her room, but it is sitting in our living room at the moment.  All her necklaces, dress up shoes, and any other accessories that are floating around are going to go in it.

I asked Olivia ahead of time what she wanted to eat for her birthday.  Her list included nothing but carbs! :)  I got her a special birthday donut.  It had pink, purple and green sprinkles on it, including chocolate icing.  She blew out candles too.

Drinking milk out of her special birthday mug.

She loved her special breakfast!

She spent her morning trying on her other dresses, running around entertaining everyone, and playing with her dolls.

Checking out the pictures of herself on Gigi's camera.

I didn't get many pictures the rest of the day.  My mom and grandma wanted to take us out to lunch and shopping.  Olivia wanted pancakes for lunch, so we headed to Bob Evans.  She got pancakes with chocolate chips, which was a special treat. She loved it.

From there we went to Target.  My grandma wanted to get her a few things, but wanted to let her pick them out. Olivia got a purple glittery skirt and matching shirt.  Purple is her favorite color, you know?! :)  She also got a bicycle helmet, which is something she needed.  My mom found an Elsa Barbie (which is always sold out) and got that for her.  They also got her a few items from the dollar spot.  She loves Target and wandering the princess aisle is a favorite.

Grandma and Gigi hadn't seen Frozen, so we spent the afternoon watching it before they left.  Olivia played with them during the showing, so I'm not sure if they got it all but they got the gist of it.

By dinner time Michael and I were a little worn out from the weekend.  Olivia wanted mac n cheese, so that's what she got.  Michael and I just ate leftovers.  She got to watch The Little Mermaid after dinner, which was also her request.

By bedtime it was clear that she was pretty worn out.  She had a great few days.  She's already played with almost all of the toys, puzzles, dolls, and dresses multiple times.  She loves everything she got!

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