Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Zoo at the Mall

We headed out to Easton again this week, but we didn't play in the fountains this time.  Instead, we headed to a little tent near the fountains to check out some animals.  Each summer the zoo picks a day each week to bring some animals out to share.  This year it is on Tuesdays.

We ended up having to park a little ways away, so we got there about 10 or so minutes after it started.  Which actually ended up being perfect.  They switch the animals out every 15 minutes, so we made it just in time to see the first two. I'm not sure if you can even tell, but he has a really little owl on his finger.

The other zookeeper had a joey wallaby.

Which ended up being the only animal that Olivia was willing to touch.

Next they brought out an African penguin.  He did walk around and let people pet it, but Olivia refused.

The lady had a baby version of the same kind of penguin.

The next rotation was a tortoise...

and an armadillo.  Again, neither of which Olivia wanted to pet.

 I'm not sure if they brought out another group of animals or not.  It was lunch time and I was worried about Logan getting too hot, so we headed across the street to Barnes and Noble.

I packed us a lunch and we ate in the air conditioned cafe.

Then we spent some time in the children's section.

We had to make the trip worth it. (Hello, $4 a gallon of gas. Ugh)

Meanwhile, Logan took a nap in his car seat.

A Frozen lovers heaven. :)

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