Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

 Dear Olivia,

          You are THREE!  Happy Birthday, sweet girl.  It has been quite a year for you.  There have been so many changes!  You have risen to the challenge and impressed us all.

We picked up and moved you across the country.  We took you away from the one place and the only group of people you had ever known.  For a girl who likes predictability, you did amazingly well.

You embraced becoming a big sister with grace and style.  I'm sure you will go through your phases with your little brother, but right now you just can't get enough of him.  I know that there will come a day and time where you just might not like him (all siblings go through it), so for now I am soaking in and cherishing all the love you lavish on him daily.  I don't think you could love him any more if you tried.  You are a wonderful big sister, and I am so proud!

Your personality has definitely started to shine.  You are sweet, yet sassy.  You know exactly what you like and don't like and have no issues with making your opinions known.  You love order, routine, patterns, schedules and basically anything that lets you know exactly how things are going to go ahead of time.

Your imagination has come to life as you play with all of your dolls and little people.  You tell elaborate stories with varying voices, and even remove yourself from the situation as you become the character that you are playing with.  You then refer to "Olivia" as another person entirely.  It's fascinating to me to watch you play.

Your memory and vocabulary continue to be impressive.  You have a love for learning, but just like with all things, you are particular about it.  You are a lover of words--spoken or written.  Books still remain one of your favorite and most prized possessions.  If I even try to mention number skills or counting, you pretty much shut down.  You either refuse to participate or remove yourself from the situation.  Just a hunch, but I don't think a career as an accountant is in your future. ;)

You have started to have a definite opinion about your looks and what you wear.  You want your hair to be long, and you now only like to wear it down.  You prefer pants over shorts, but will take a dress any day.  You don't really like to be bare foot and will ask for socks even in the middle of summer.  You have no problems wearing footie pajamas in June, but will only wear short pajamas if they have the right princess on them.  Your purple jellies from Old Navy are your favorite shoe.  I think it has more to do with the color than the fit.  I'm pretty sure this is only the beginning.

You love to be a helper.  You enjoy helping in the kitchen the most, but will help with almost anything.  I hope you always have that servant's heart.

You have started to find your voice.  You can still be shy and timid in new situations, but have begun to break out of your shell.  You are learning to speak up when someone is doing something to you that you don't like.  You are also very friendly and like to talk to cashiers or other little kids that you see in a store.  Speaking of stores, shopping has become something that you are really started to get into.  We are going to have lots of fun together!

You are just so much fun.  You have a great sense of humor and make us laugh daily.  We want to keep you a cute little girl forever!  We just enjoy you so much.  We are so proud of you and love the little girl you have become.

Like I tell you every day--You are my favorite little girl ever, and I love you SO much! I hope you have an amazing day and feel special and loved.

Love, Mommy

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