Friday, June 6, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

Thank the Lord for this swing!


water paint

dot art

Mommy and Logan hanging out on the gym mat. :)

One of my friends makes these bandana type bibs. I ordered a few when I was pregnant and we finally got to use one a few weeks ago. He's so handsome.


This was Michael's first week at his new job and I was sending him a picture.  I took it and Olivia said, "Oh. What did I do with my smile?" so I responded with "what did you do?" and she said "I'm not happy with my smile." I have no idea where she got that.  She is too much!

So many faces!

The camera is always just sort of laying around.  One morning last week Olivia picked it up and said, "Here.  Take my picture so I can smile nicely and get a treat."  Like I said--too much! :)

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