Saturday, June 7, 2014

Spring Flowers

Sometime last year I bought a pack of 4 cheap cookie cutters for a dollar.  I bought them with the whole purpose of using them for an art project.  We just never got around to it.

So I broke them out yesterday.

I gave her the basic instructions and she got to work.  Unfortunately, since they were cheap they didn't lay completely flat.

But it worked well enough.

and she enjoyed it

She takes her art seriously! :)

I also bought these 3 wooden flowers last year at Hobby Lobby.  They were part of the Easter stuff and I bought them when they were marked down, so I got them for pennies.

Olivia chose the color she wanted to use for each flower.

She needs her bangs cut. :)  But you can see her sweet focused face.

The finished product

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