Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Four Months--Logan

(Logan turned 4 months last week.  These pictures were taken then, but I decided to wait until his doctor's appointment and just do one post.)

Logan Michael, you are 4 months old!

What have you been up to?

Here are your stats:
You are 15 lbs and 11 1/2 ounces, which puts you in the 53th % for weight.
You are somewhere between 26 1/4 inches (nurse's measurement) and 25 3/4 (NP's measurement).  Either way it puts you in the 75th % for height.
Your head is 43.5 cm and is in the 93nd %.

The Nurse Practitioner said your growth has remained very consistent, besides a slight growth spurt in height, and that you are perfectly proportionate and average sized. She is pleased with your growth charts.

*You wear size 2 diapers.

*You are wearing size 3 to 6 month clothing.  Most of your size 0 to 3 month stuff still fit, but it was all winter stuff.  So I had to move you up in sizes so you could wear summer clothing.  Some of it is still large on you, but some of it fits you well.

*You take 6 bottles still, and each are around 5 ounces.

*You were only waking up once a night at the beginning of the month, but you sometimes wake up twice a night now.  I'm not sure why.  I think we've also just started the "4 month wakeful" period.  I'm hoping it passes quickly.

*You generally go to bed around 7.  Sometimes it's a little bit before.  If you wake up to eat around 3, then you sleep until around 6 (sometimes 7 if I'm lucky!).  If you wake up at 5 to eat, then you want to stay up for the rest of the day.  This is not working for me, so we are going to have to do some sleep training probably sooner rather than later.

*You were consistently busting out of your swaddle, so we have been working on breaking that habit.  We did about 4 or 5 days with one arm out, and now we have done 3 days with both arms out.   It has had it's rough moments, but overall it is going alright.  We will be switching to sleep sacks this week.

(We had to borrow big sister's chair and put a blanket over the name because you don't have a chair yet.)

*You have started the excessive drooling.  We have reached the point where you need to wear a bib all day.

*You shove everything you can in your mouth--bibs, burp cloths, toys, and your hands if all else fails.

*You are able to grasp things with your hands.  If you get a good grip, you can hold on for a long time.  You love to be holding something. Anything.  Including mommy's skin.  I've already got a few bruises from your pinches. Ouch!  People are constantly saying how "strong" you are.

*Your hair has started falling out.  You shouldn't loose it all, and if it's anything like your sister's it will grow back in fast.  Only this time there are no bows to cover the bald spots. :)  We got rid of some of the cradle cap with olive oil, but not all of it.  We'll have to do a second round.  That always makes some of the hair come out too. Boo.

*You have rolled from your tummy to your back multiple times now.  You still don't love tummy time, but you tolerate it most days.  This is definitely our "most improved" skill of the month.

*You have found your voice.  You "talk" all day now.  You are a regular old chatter box.  With a few squeals and shrieks mixed in.

*You rub your feet together constantly.  To the point where they get ridiculously red.  Silly boy.

*You are still on a 3 hour cycle.  Hopefully we will be moving to a 4 hour cycle soon.  I think it's coming, because you use to be tired after an hour and a half awake--to the minute.  Recently you've been stretching that to an hour and 45 minutes and sometimes even 2 hours.

*You usually nap in my arms for one nap of the day.  (Usually the first since we are up so stinking early!)  Then you nap most other times in the swing.  I'm not really worried about "breaking this habit". We rocked your sister until she was 8 months old and she was easy to sleep train.  Hopefully I don't live to regret these words. ;)  You just nap better/longer this way.

We love you!

...and just for fun!

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