Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Turtle Lady

There is a lady in the area that has all sorts of turtles and reptiles.  She calls herself the turtle lady and she travels to libraries, schools, and other random events and does a little lesson or show.  I took Little Man to multiple events of hers back in the day.  It is always a big hit!  So when I saw that she was going to be at our local library, I made sure to put it on our calendar.

In the past I have only gone to her events during the week.  I had it on the calendar for Monday, but when I found out that she was going to be at a library just as close to us on a Saturday I switched the plan to that.  Having help sounded great to me.  Her events are usually packed.

They usually have to keep a count and only let the number of people in that the fire code allows for.  We got there 10 minutes early and I was afraid we were going to be too late.  There was hardly any one there and I was worried I wrote the wrong day down.  Turns out going to a Saturday event is the way to go!

She had the bins of turtles all around the room and then some other creatures on her table.

We explored the room for about ten minutes and then it was time for the presentation.

We had front row seats!

Talking about the turtles

Olivia was having a hard time sitting and listening.  Michael eventually had to take her out for a minute or two and then they just stood in the back.

Logan was totally into it though! :)

She's pretty good with the kids and can read the crowd well.  So once the kids start to get restless she just sort of ends her talk and lets them explore and touch the animals.

A little blurry, but she is checking out the bearded dragons.  Once again, she didn't want to touch any of the animals.

She checked out a few more turtles and then we headed to the children's section of the library.  I signed up for a card and also got us registered for the summer reading program.

I went and found Michael and Olivia reading.  Olivia was in heaven.  So many books to choose from!

She got to bring 4 books home, and she already has them all memorized! :)

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