Thursday, June 26, 2014

3 Year Check Up

We had Olivia's 3 year check up yesterday.  

She is in the 97th % for height, 95th % for weight, and the 97th % for head circumference.  If nothing else, she is consistent! :)

Everything checked out well.  She got a giggle out of the fact that they were using a real stethoscope on her.  The nurse even let her listen to her own heartbeat.  She also told the NP when she was looking in her ears, "They are very clean!".  Then she said, "Alright.  Time to check my eyes!"

My doctor's office has us fill out an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) before we get there.  Then they take that information, add up the scores, and discuss it with you during your appointment.  Not surprisingly, Olivia is very below average on gross motor skills and a little below average on fine motor skills.  This has been the same thing we have been dealing with since she was born.  But now we are at the point where it is going to start to matter.  We recently stopped going to the Little Gym because it's just so far away.  We had intentions of finding a place closer.  The NP strongly suggests we get her back in to some sort of gymnastics class to continue to help with her gross motor skills.  I plan on being a little more deliberate with our fine motor practice as well.

Then it was time to discuss any concerns I may have had.  I had two.

Our doctor in Texas told us that around age 3 is when we would have to either fix her W sitting/pigeon toed walking/hips turned in, or live with the permanent damage.  The NP suggested we do OMT to see if anything can be done to her hips to help out. If we don't fix it now, it will likely be a permanent issue and can lead toe dragging, knee knocking, etc.  Her right foot is worse than her left.  We are still paying off Logan's OMT visits, so we will see.

The other thing is her apparent OCD.  I know I joke about it sometimes, but I feel like it is a little more than the normal toddler thing.  I told the doctor that I know all toddlers go through wanting to be controlling and wanting things to be "just so", but I needed to know where to draw the line between just being a toddler and being a problem.  She asked for examples.  After giving her some, she agreed that it was more than just "normal toddler behavior".  But it's not out of control yet, and Olivia is too young for a referral for official testing.  So for right now we are just going to keep on doing what we are doing.  Changing things up for her, and forcing her to adjust.   She also wants me to document things to see if there is a pattern.  My guess is that it will just be a mild thing that she will have to grow into and learn to adapt.  Both Michael and I like order, organization, routine, etc. So it's not completely crazy for her to be the same way.  Oh the joys of parenting! :)

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