Monday, June 30, 2014

Sweating at the Zoo

Since we were on the other side of town on Saturday, we decided to take advantage and go to the zoo.  Apparently, EVERY OTHER SINGLE PERSON in Columbus decided to do the same thing.  Holy Cow!  I'm sure most of the people were at Zoombezi Bay (water park), but it is the same parking lot and it was packed!

There is a new part that just opened a month or two ago.  It is the Heart of Africa.  They brought back the giraffes and zebras and added a few other new exhibits.  I wanted to check it out with Michael, so we had yet to go.  Plus, this was Logan's official first time at the zoo.

It was so hot.  I knew we weren't going to be there long, so I wanted to head right to the new part.
I knew Logan would not last in the ergo.  And instead of trying to push our beast of a double stroller through the crazy crowds, Michael just wore Olivia in the ergo.  She is just about at the weight limit, but it worked out.

And this chunky monkey was as happy as can be hanging out in his stroller

Playing the drums

Checking out the  cheetah.

Honestly I didn't take many pictures.  I was too hot to even think.  I was wiping Logan down with a damp burp cloth and trying to coax Olivia into drinking water. But we did see most of the Africa exhibit.

From there we headed to the (air conditioned!) Aquarium.  We knew Olivia would love it, and we planned to leave afterwards.

Just as we expected, she loved it.

What I didn't expect was how much Logan would love it.  I took him out of the stroller.  As soon as we turned the corner to the big aquarium he went crazy!  His arms and legs started pumping and he started making all these excited noises.  It caught me off guard and cracked me up.

Anytime a big fish would swim by he'd let out a burst of excitement!
Michael took a video, but the background noise is pretty loud.  He was so cute though!

Now I really want to take them both the the big aquarium in Cincinnati.  They would love it!

We headed home after that.  The joys of having a Zoo pass is that it doesn't matter if you only stay for a couple of hours.  We were all hot and tired, but Olivia was happy to have gone.  She thanked us multiple times on Sunday and kept telling us how she had so much fun.  Logan will enjoy it more each time we go, I'm sure.

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  1. I took Sophie to the aquarium a few weeks ago & she loved it as well! I didn't really think about her enjoying it, but I could tell she saw the bright colors :)