Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

I have not forgotten about you.  I promise.  I know I skipped a day this week, and today's post isn't going to be all that great either.  The truth is, I've just had a crazy week.  Usually my life is pretty tame and a lot of the same old same old.  That allows me the time needed to write my blogs.  However, this last week was full of twists and turns and lots to think about.  It's been exhausting.  Since I haven't had much time to cook new recipes or make new art projects, all the blogs that are swimming around in my head for me to write just can't be written.  There are no pictures to show.... no projects complete... no decorating happening.

I hope to be back at it this next week, but there are no promises.  Oh, and stay tuned in because big news is coming.  (and NO, I am NOT pregnant)


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  1. Can't wait to hear/read the "big news"! Sounds exciting.