Friday, October 22, 2010

Indian Corn

On Tuesday, Little Man and I went on a field trip with his preschool class.  It included a hay ride, picking some Indian corn, and choosing a pumpkin.  It was great fun--although very muddy!  The "farmer" talked about the Indian corn and all the colors that it was.  We were to gently peel back the covering to look at the different colors, and then pick the corn off the stalk if it was a good one.  Let me just tell you... it was no easy task getting that corn off.  Who knew?  Oh, and some of the corn was literally ALL red.  I never would have guessed that either.  I guess you learn something new every day! :)

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to make a little Indian corn craft.  I had a bunch of buttons leftover from my Christmas cards last year.  I meant to use them to make a fall leaf tree craft, but I kept forgetting them.  Then we ended up doing that one with the hand print and finger prints, and I didn't want another.  So the alternative...

I drew these on some foam pieces
I thought it was best to make the leaf thing one piece.  I figured it would be less layering and less glue.  I'm not sure if that actually worked out the way I imagined, but that's OK.

Then I had Little Man cut them out.
Don't mind the pink shirt.  It was "wear pink for breast cancer support" day at preschool.  It was the best K could find at the last minute.

He wasn't so sure about cutting the leaves.  He asked me to do it, but I said no.

He sort of butchered it.

We put glue on the bottom of the corn

and slapped the "leaves" on

I like to use Tacky glue when doing crafts with foam.
Little Man put dots all over the corn.  (I did help fill in a few empty spots.)

I picked out some fall looking buttons from my selection.

Then he buttoned it up

Half way through, he was more thrilled with getting the glue to come through the button holes. :/

All in all, I thought it turned out pretty cute!

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