Saturday, October 30, 2010

Before and After, Take 5

We are just running out of space.  We organize and re-organize and within months that organization is back to being a mess.  It's not because we are messy people, but because it takes so much effort to keep small places organized.

We had been talking about ways to add a little more storage.  That leads us to this next "Before and After".  I apologize now for failing as a good blogger.  I didn't take any before pictures when we go the new item, because I thought to myself "  Surely there are a ton of pictures of that in the crap load of house pictures we have".  Ugh, yeah... not so much.

(sort of)
  Notice the white cart to the very right of the picture that also matches the corner hutch.  Both of these pieces were bought from Target on a SUPER clearance deal.  They were bought with the purpose to give the kitchen more storage--not to just clutter it up with furniture.

The top surface held our toaster, a coffee pot and some napkins.
The drawer was a junk drawer--scissors, tape, pens, pads of paper for grocery lists, gum, and all sorts of other stuff that collected in there from time to time.
The middle shelf held some mixing bowls.
The bottom section held all of my cookbooks.  It was pretty deep, but I didn't need deep.  I needed wide!

 It might not be as classy, or match the hutch as great, but it sure does give us more space.  At this point, we had to go with functionality over looks.

There is so much storage now, that I haven't even used all of the spots yet!
I rearranged some of my other cabinets, so the mixing bowls went in there.
As of right now, three of those baskets are empty. Plus, one cubby is empty.
I just threw the scale in there to help fill it up.  Although, I think I'll keep it there.  The place where it was in the cabinets wasn't working.  It would keep falling.

It's deep enough for my cookbooks, but shallow enough not to take up so much room in the kitchen.  It actually makes the kitchen look bigger.

Plus, more "counter" space.

It's not exactly the best decorating decision I've made.  I realize it's a little dorm room looking.  BUT for our budget, our space and our need it works perfectly right now.

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  1. I actually love it!!! Have quite a few of those types of shelves in my house, they keep the clutter and the toys put away neatly!