Monday, November 1, 2010

Color Words

One of our current goals is for Little Man to recognize and be able to "read" color words.  He has known his colors for a looooooooooong time, but he doesn't know color words.  Really, this is more of a Kindergarten or First Grade skill.  I think it will be helpful though, when doing some of our workbook pages.  Then he can read what color he is suppose to use.

There are a lot of color recognition pages in our workbooks, but I knew we'd have to do something else as well.

So I made some flashcards
I purposely wrote them out in the color that they represent.  He thinks he's a color reading genius!
I'm going to use these for a while.  He'll think he knows what's going on, but while easily "reading" the colors they will start to stick in his mind.  Then eventually I will rewrite them all in black and see how much he's picked up.

Also, we are using other methods such as reading books like this

I make him "read" the  color

He made this book in school and is IN. LOVE. with it.
Again, he "reads" the colors.

We'll get there... BEFORE Kindergarten! :)

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