Sunday, October 17, 2010

Before and After, Take 4 (Let there be light!)

This before and after actually happened a few months back, but I never blogged about it.  I was taking pictures yesterday of some other stuff and thought I would go ahead and share pictures of our new lamps.

 This set of two lamps was bought in a box from Kmart for $35 when I was moving out on my own 8 years ago.
 See that floor lamp over there... it doesn't work.  It hasn't worked since it was moved into this condo 3 years ago.  I have no idea why.  But I felt the room needed it, so we kept a non-working lamp around. :)

With Michael doing school work, we really needed more light in our living room.  There was no getting around it.  So I went on a search for lamps.  At first I was going to do mix matched and ones with fun shades like the one that is now on the entertainment center by the keys.
I quickly found that the price would add up, because for most of those type of lamps you have to buy everything separate.  Plus, that lamp puts out very little light since the shade is so dark.  So I went with ones that match.

 I love them.  They are a little more grown up than the $35 ones! :)

 This one has two bulbs.  You can turn one on for softer light, or  both for a little brighter light.
Michael loves that it has the strings that hang down.  It makes turning them on much easier.  There was LOTS of trouble with our last lamp!!

The floor lamp is a 3 way, which is also nice.  We have lighting options!

We are so happy to have better lighting.  I purchased these at Lowe's for just under $100.  
(They are sold separately.)

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