Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Workbooks for Kiddos

I have another workbook to share with you guys.  K bought this one a while back, and it's great. 
There are many types of books like this.  We just happen to have the Preschool one.  I've seen them at Target for $10, but if you are making an Amazon purchase any time soon, they are $7.91 on there.  (That's only worth it if you are spending $25 or more and getting free shipping!)

This book really is "Big".
It covers a ton too!

It starts with mazes ... then it goes into tracing lines.  Good pre-writing skills.

Then it goes into writing letters and numbers.  We haven't done this section yet.  I am using other books that have more tracing letters for now.

It also covers shapes and colors

It also has MANY different ways to practice beginning sounds and ending sounds

Then there is a whole section with a variety of activities-same, different, opposites, what belongs, what doesn't belong, and more!

This book says it's for ages 3 to 5.  We have actually been using it since Little Man was 3 and he is seriously about to turn 5!  It's that big!  I skipped around to do the things that I thought he could do for the age he was.  My goal is to finish it before he starts Kindergarten. :)

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