Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Water Fun

It was in the 80's on Sunday.  Both kid love to play outside, so we headed out to the backyard after nap time.
Originally I was just going to head out and let them play.  But it was really warm, so we decided to clean up the water table.  I once again did a sweep of the garage for outdoor toys.  Michael cleaned up the table while I changed Olivia out of her dress and into a suit.

Poor buddy doesn't have a suit yet... or clothes that fit! :)  All of his spring/summer clothes are 18 months, and he truthfully can still wear a 12 month.  So depending on the brand, most of them just hang on him.  Especially shorts!  He doesn't have any sandals either... We are just a mess. ;)

Logan is so funny.  He hates the grass! So if something rolls into the grass, he will stand at the edge of the cement and reach and reach until he can grab the item.  If he does end up in grass and he falls over, it is hysterical.  He is like an animal that can't roll over.  He just freezes and moans until someone helps him--because getting up on his own would require him to touch the grass. 

He really enjoyed his first water table experience though.  Especially that little cup.
Olivia spent her time watering the dandelions--her favorite flower, ha! and making up a dinner plate for Michael.

Michael's dinner

We had been playing with the bat and ball last week, but I finally found the pieces to the tee.  So I made Olivia give it a try.  I helped her the first few times, and then she got it!

The first couple of times she was jut hitting the tee instead of the ball, but she got better as she went along and actually hit the ball off the tee multiple times.  I think Michael and I were both impressed!

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