Friday, March 13, 2015

Photo Dump Friday

I have a ridiculous amount of pictures on my phone, so we might be having Photo Dump Friday's for a while...

"Look at me in outer space!"

On Logan's actual birthday, he ate some favorite foods, got a hair cut, and had a piece of cake while skyping with Boppa.

Morning milk buddies

Playing with cloud dough while mommy works

When we went to pick up Logan's birthday cake, we got to go in the back at Gigi's.  My friend Stacy always spoils Olivia.  She thinks she owns the place! :)  She got to eat candy AND decorate some of her own mini cupcakes.

She was in heaven!

She would have decorated the whole store if she could.

Her own little 4 pack!

Trying to climb up to get sister's snack!

Proud of her coloring, so we took a picture for Boppa


Showing off her purple and pink rainbow manicure for her Valentine's Day party at school.  It ended up being her last day, because there were so many snow days after that.

He likes to show us what he is eating. :)

When I sent Michael this picture, I said that we shouldn't have to worry about her transitioning into a new home.  She made a bed out of a cardboard box. 

*Can you tell who she is suppose to be?  She's Ariel (Little Mermaid) sitting on the rock!

*Someone figured out how to climb up on big sister's bed and thought he was big stuff.

Olivia has gone from running away or being obstinate during photos to actually asking for them.

"Super hero Olivia" flying around the house "saving the day"

 Super Hero Olivia scolding me for taking a picture instead of flying with her. :)

I actually had to shovel multiple times while Michael was gone. :(  Olivia wanted to play outside in it, but not only was taking two kids out by myself unappealing... the temps were below freezing.  But finally on one day, I bundled her up and let her play for the half hour it took for me to shovel.  (Logan napped.)  It was probably too cold for her to be out, but she loved it.

Armed and dangerous... with a fly swatter.

The same fly swatter--helping Olivia be "a winter fairy"

She's really into drawing suns.  This one was for Boppa.

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