Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mom and Tot Open Gym

The local rec center has a Mom and Tot open gym on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month (during the school year).  It was closed for spring break, so this was our first opportunity to go.  It is suppose to be $3 per kid, but they let Logan go for free since he's just starting to walk.

When we first got there, Olivia went running off with her friend.  Logan just planted himself in one spot.  He didn't look quite as concerned as Olivia did on her first time, but he wasn't moving.  I kept trying to take his hand and have him walk, but he wasn't having it.  He just stood there taking it all in for the longest time.

I finally got him to go on this thing.  I pushed him around for a bit, and then Olivia took over.

He is seriously the cutest!

His favorite part was the little ball popper thing on the front.  So he pushed it around backwards for a bit.

We gave this thing a go, too.

Playing in a tent.

Scooting around on a board

Logan (who looks like my brother to me in this picture) is saying, "Mom.  Do you see her about to run me into the bounce house?!"

Logan pretty much pushed around anything that he could find.

Olivia took it for a spin.

Cutie!  Olivia spent a lot of time in the bounce house and following her friend around the place.  But she enjoyed the ride on toys too.

At one point he was sitting on this, and before I knew it he was standing on the seat like a teenager trying to do bike tricks!  Crazy kid!

We stayed for about two hours. The kids had a great time, and then came home and they both fell asleep quickly.

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