Friday, March 20, 2015

Photo Dump Friday

Olivia spent nap times playing on her Kindle.  There wasn't much to do in the house, so we would lay on the air mattress together.  I would read on my phone and she'd play a game while we relaxed.

Friends reunited!  We met our friends Wil and Alycia at church.   We were both pregnant with our first.  Alycia has become one of my best friends, so connecting with them when we got back in town was a no brainer.  These girls spent a lot of their first two years together.  I doubt they really remember it, but they have picked up where we all left off!

Good til the last drop

Logan had his first fever ever--right in the middle of us getting all of our stuff delivered.  It lasted for 3 days.  This was the highest it got.  He didn't have any other symptoms.  And he would be fine with medicine.  I have no idea what it was.  Either a virus or an ear infection.  If it had gone over 103, we would have gone in.  But luckily it ran it's course with little complications--except extra snuggles.  (I blame our trip to the mall play place.)

In an effort to keep the kids out of the movers way, I dumped our balls into the pack and play.  They loved it!

Despite having a fever, a nap, some motrin and BALLS had a smile on this boys face!

If you even knew how often I deal with this or something similar...

Olivia was mocking Logan and asking for me to hold her too. :)


Chubby bunny with a banana

This is her wedding hair...

Logan has decided that he likes to redecorate my kitchen rugs

and then Olivia uses them as a blanket.

He climbed up there all on his own.  How did he get so big?  And yes, she is wearing a tutu with her pajamas. She's fancy like that.

More crazy double jointed fun

Morning milk cuddles

My husband has a napkin hoarding problem.  I've looked into getting him into Napkin Hoarders Anonymous, but not luck yet... Logan found one of his piles and had napkins all over the living room. Then Olivia decided to "make a sock" because her foot was "so cold".  I do love her creativity.

Twinsies?  Michael thinks so.

Gah!  This kid!  I think he's "Captain Adorable" for sure!  Love!

We went from a 4 bedroom down to a 3.  So instead of storing our queen bed, we just transitioned Olivia into it and got rid of the toddler bed.  Her big girl "princess" room is a work in progress.  She got this sparkly canopy from grandma and she is in love. :)

After some Saturday morning coloring, it was time for a game of Sneaky Snacky Squirrel.

A while back Michael found an amazing deal on a (used) projector.  He used some gift money to purchase it.  As he says, "The best $60 (he) ever spent".  He's not the only one in love.  Olivia thinks it is the coolest thing that she can watch her movies on the wall and asks to use the projector almost daily.  We had a family movie night on Saturday.  She even got two cookies. Our sweet girl was in heaven!

We went over to our friend's house on Sunday for some grilled pizza.  (Yum! Who knew?) These little Princesses had a great time!


  1. You are hilarious! Balls in a pack and play, what will you think of next?!?!?

  2. You have the sweetest lil peanuts!! :) Hope your getting adjusted!