Monday, March 16, 2015

Not Always So Brave

In our first week of being here, not only did we not have any of our dishes, but we also didn't have a microwave that worked.  (By the time it was fixed, all of our stuff was here and we could use the oven.)  So besides eating cereal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch, we pretty much had to eat out for dinner. There isn't much you can eat without the use of a stove/oven/microwave/fire.  So my friend asked if we wanted to meet somewhere to eat where the kids could play, but that wasn't McDonald's.  We said sure.  I suggested the mall.  She thought that was brilliant.

I'm not even going to lie--it was for totally selfish reasons.  Mama wanted Tin Star!  Mmmm.  It was so good!

After eating, but before heading to the play place, we decided to take the kids on the Carousal that is in the food court.  We had taken Olivia on it multiple times when we use to live here, but this was Logan's first experience.  Michael had him at first, but he started to fuss.  So before the ride even started, we switched kids.

For whatever reason, this kid was terrified.  Look at that face!!

I thought maybe the weird lady faces in the middle were scaring him.  I tried to get his attention.  I hoped that when the ride started and he was going up and down that it would be better....

Nope.  He spent the rest of the ride like this.  Poor kid.

Fast forward a week.  The weather actually turned from ice and snow and rain to somewhat decent.  We decided to hit up a park for some fun.  This was Logan's first time on a swing and we thought he'd love it (like most kids do!).  No, again.  Look at his face.

Terrified.  We tried again another day and he fussed then too.  So I guess he's only a dare devil on his own terms.  And when moving objects aren't involved. :)

He did ok to sit on my lap and swing.  He didn't love it, but he held on tight and tolerated.  Love my boy!

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