Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We are still alive...

Y'all.  It has been a month since my last blog!  How did that happen?  I think that is the longest I have ever gone!  Well, I'll tell you how it happened... I was in Ohio with two small children BY MYSELF for a month.  Oh, and while I was busy being a full time mom, I was packing up a house by myself.  So I was a little busy.  And the rare times that I did sit at night and rest, my mind could just not work enough to write a post.

So here is a quick version of what has been going on---

Because of a very generous gift, our move date got moved up from the end of March until the end of February.  It was a little tricky finding a house (they were flying off the market), but we found one that will work.  Michael had to do all sorts of stuff to secure it.  Then the ball started rolling for the move.  We had tickets to Disney on Ice (bought as a Christmas gift for Olivia LONG before we knew any of this would be happening) for the 21st.  So we knew our move would be right after that.

Some friends bought Michael a plane ticket home so that I wouldn't have to drive the whole way to Texas by myself.  Which was a huge blessing on so many levels.

Michael was suppose to arrive during nap time, so a friend was going to pick him up.  But his flight got delayed so much, that we were able to pick him up around dinner time.  I hadn't told Olivia that he was coming, so the airport surprise was really fun (and a little emotional).

We spent that Saturday trying to tie up loose ends.  We went to Disney on Ice that night (post coming).  We were suppose to leave Sunday morning, but there was still so many last minute things to do.  We worked for most of the day, and didn't get on the road until close to dinner time.

We drove a few hours that night (Sunday, the 22nd), and stopped at a hotel in Kentucky for the night.  The kids did GREAT!  We knew we weren't going to be able to make it the rest of the way in one day (with two small kids), so we took our time getting ready that morning.  Even though we left Ohio and were heading south, the weather was not getting better.  It was FREEZING.  Dallas had ice. Arkansas had snow.  But we didn't have too many issues....
Except for finding coffee!  This was Arkansas.  Dunkin Donuts was closed.  We finally found a McDonald's that had the drive thru only opened!

We stopped for extended times to eat.  Logan had movies in the car (which he normally doesn't care for, but his options were limited). Olivia colored, played on her Kindle, played with magnetic dolls, and read books. They were seriously rock stars!

We got into town on Tuesday, the 24th.  The town was literally shut down due to ice, but we got in late afternoon and it had mostly melted by that point.

Funny--I ran to the store that night to get things like milk, bread to make sandwiches, paper products, etc.  I accidentally went in my slippers.  I sent this picture to Michael and said, "Good thing I went to Walmart". Olivia thought it was hilarious.

This was the bread aisle.  After two days of ice and an impending snow storm.  It's good to be back, Dallas. :)

Unfortunately, because of our rush to be together and people having scheduling conflicts, our stuff couldn't be picked up at our house until the following Saturday.  (Ridiculously HUGE THANK YOU to my friend Laurie for being at our house when the movers were loading up our stuff!!!) Which means we camped out in our new house for a WEEK with an air mattress, a borrowed folding table, and the toys and clothes that we brought in the car.  It wasn't really all that bad, though.  The good news is that we had the best movers we have had out of all of our moves.  So that helped.

Our stuff arrived on the 3rd.  I have been unpacking every day since.  The house is coming together slowly, but surely.  (We won't talk about the garage).

So, I should be around more.  We finally got internet access at the end of last week.  I have so many blog posts to catch up on.  I still haven't even posted about Valentine's Day, Logan's 12 month post (even though he's 13 months), Disney on Ice, and about a thousand random pictures of my cuties that must be shared.  Stay tuned!


  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! I did notice you hadn't posted in a while, but I knew you had a lot going on. Where exactly did you move to? I know Dallas is a big area so I didn't know if you came back to the Frisco area or somewhere else. If you are close, I would love to help anyway possible. Bring dinner one night? Invite you & the kids over for a play date? Please let me know!

    1. Shaye, we are renting a house in McKinney. We are by Lake Forest and Eldorado. We'd love to have a play date!

  2. Sooo glad your lil family is back together! :) I miss your blogs but I know you had A LOT going on!

    Love you!