Thursday, April 2, 2015

Answering Questions

I've had a lot of people asking me the same questions lately, so I thought I'd throw together a little "how are we doing" post.

First of all, we are good.  The house is mostly settled.  All of our day to day stuff is unpacked.  What we haven't done yet is hang some stuff on the walls.  Mostly because it is a two person job and our weekends have been filling up.  But it will be done this weekend.  At least the stuff we have.  Of course, every time you move, the space you have to decorate is different.  This house has a TON of wall space. So it will be a work in progress.  But we aren't living among boxes.  There are still some in the garage, but it is mostly the ones that have "storage" items in them. I am slowly trying to go through them.  So, yes, we are mostly "settled".

The #1 question I get is about Michael's job.  Yes, he loves it.  It is mostly what he was doing when we lived here.  He really likes the guy he works closely with.  They just had a huge campaign, and he has been knocking it out of the park.  Everyone seems to really like him as well.  They think he is doing a great job.  The drive isn't too bad as long as he leaves early in the morning.

It was decided that his bonus would be distributed every pay check.  Basically, since he is salary, it is a way to "keep him honest".  Those are the words of the VP.  So it is basically a given as long as he meets certain goals.  It is a way for the company to make sure he is producing his best work.  He has gotten it for every pay check, so that has been nice. 

 Overall, it is a great fit for him and was definitely worth the move.

I have been having fun seeing old friends!  I've also spent most of my time unpacking, getting ready for a consignment sale, and trying to weed through all of our stuff.  I am on a serious mission to get rid of the excess.  It feels so good when I accomplish one of those goals! I will be so happy when everything is nice, neat, and organized!! :)

I am also going to look into getting a part time job--just for a couple of nights a week.  Extra money will be nice, but it will also be nice to just have a break out of the house.  My wish is to find something that will be "fun" and I will enjoy (like Gigi's), so that it won't feel like work and will be more like a little mommy break. ;)

Olivia is doing well.  She has enjoyed all of the play dates. But she does miss Ohio.  She talks about it most days.  Each day it is a different person that she misses--Grandma, Miss Laurie, the little boy I babysat, the neighbor girls, her classmates.... She doesn't cry or have meltdowns or any negative behavior due to the move.  It is mostly just talking about it.  I think it will be better after A) we get her room decorated and B) she gets into some kind of class and feels like she "belongs".

She is still making us laugh at the crazy things she says.  She is really into coloring, and does a pretty impressive job for a three year old.  She LOVES Logan (sometimes a little too much--she's always trying to touch him, hold his hand, etc and he isn't much of a fan).  Her favorite thing to do is play with her dolls.  She is really liking that we have a back yard to play in, and would be outside all day if she could.

Oh, Logan.  He is still as needy as ever.  He just loves his mommy.  What can I say?  He needs to know where I am at all times.  He wants to be held--but really, he doesn't.  He gets into everything.  He climbs everything.  He has a few words, but still whines A LOT.  Michael says he thinks there is an extra crown in heaven for me, just for the jewels I have earned for being Logan's mom. ;)  He is sweet, funny, and pretty sensitive.

He knows how to sign "eat", "milk", and "more", and he thinks life is just an endless buffet.  Olivia didn't gain any weight between her 12 month doctor's appointment and her 15 month appointment because I was cutting her off (thinking she was eating too much), and the doctor said that we should have just let her eat.  That her growth chart should "slow down, but not be a straight line across with no movement". I weighed Logan on his birthday.  I weighed him again the other day and he had lost a half pound.  Likely because he is walking all over the place all the time.  All that to say, he is eating us out of house and home. :)

He didn't have any issues with the move.  He just fell right back in to the same routine, patterns, and play.  Which was nice.  I don't think I could handle him being any more emotional. Ha!  He sure is cute, though!

So that is where we are at.  We are liking being back in Texas.  I am really looking forward to the fall when Preschool and MOPS will start up and we can get involved, but I am sure we are going to have a great summer too.

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