Saturday, March 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

(A month late!)
Our Valentine's Day wasn't anything over the top.  I used the IKEA curtain for a table cloth again.  When packing up things in the basement I came across a stash of balloons, so I blew a few up and had those on the table.  I also put a few construction paper hearts on the table.

Both of the kids had a tin from the dollar bin.  Logan's was filled with pink and purple pouches.  He also got a book.  My mom gave me money to buy the kids something for Valentine's Day.  So for Logan I got another car to go with the track that we don't have yet. :)

Olivia's tin had a bouquet of suckers, and some "Valentine's trail mix" (which was leftover from a preschool snack). She got a book. My grandma got her the Frozen chocolate and I used the money from my mom to add a clip on princess to her collection.

I "heart attacked" their doors again.  I honestly didn't think Logan would care, but he giggled and laughed and pointed every time we walked past it.  He really seemed to enjoy the hearts on his door!

Olivia liked her door.  She was less happy about being awake. ;)

She got over it when she realized there was stuff on the table for her.

We tried to have some fun foods throughout the day.

Olivia's choice--berry muffins.  We also had bananas that I was going to cut into hearts, but they were a smidge too small.  Also, strawberry milk
Heart shaped PB&J, strawberry applesauce, strawberry yogurt, and "strawberry shortcake" gold fish.

   Then, for dinner, we ordered pizza.  We spent the month while Michael was gone trying to eat all of the food in our fridge, freezer, and pantry.  So pizza was a special Valentine's Day treat for all of us!  We had some red jello with it too. Yum.

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