Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Music at the Library

Obviously to move here we had to pull Olivia out of preschool.  There are only two months left of preschool and/or things like MOPS, so it didn't really make sense to try to join in and put her somewhere new for just two months.  But we still want her to be around other kids as much as possible.  We have already had multiple play dates with our friend Camdyn.  One of the other things I am trying to be diligent about is going to the library.  The libraries in McKinney have both story time AND a Music and Movement class that is on a completely different day.  We are less than 5 minutes from one of the libraries, which is so nice.

A lot of events around town were closed due to spring break, but thankfully the McKinney library kept up with their schedule.  So we hit up our first Music and Movement class last week!

Observing.  We had actually visited the library over the weekend just for something fun to do.  So she kept asking me why there were so many people there.

How sweet is this.  Both children were a little unsure at first.  So Logan snuggled into my lap and Olivia sat as close as possible--and they held hands. Melt my Mama heart.

Thankfully they both got into it.

Technically it's for 18 month olds to 5 year olds.  But a lot of people just bring the siblings along.  Logan did great.

We will definitely be going back.

Unfortunately we have to wait until August/September for things like preschool and MOPS to start back up.  But in the meantime we are going to meet up with old friends, hit up events around town, get involved in a church, and hopefully get Olivia enrolled in a few other classes.  She has been begging us to go back to swimming lessons and we told her "when we get to Texas".  We also want to get her into a gymnastics class.  Hopefully soon!

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