Sunday, March 15, 2015

Disney On Ice

I know I keep saying my kids have too many toys, but it's true. So for Christmas, we  really wanted to do practical or an experience gift.  Of course, most people like to give fun gifts that they can watch the kids open.  I get that.  So for our big gift for Olivia, she got tickets to Disney on Ice.  Then another gift was an Ariel t-shirt (that she wore to the show) and her stocking had a little Ariel light up toy ($3 from Target instead of paying $15 at the show!) and some (dollar spot!) glow bracelets.  She didn't quite understand what we were talking about at the time.  We showed her a video clip, but it was still a few months out so she didn't get that excited about it.

Her look when the show started and Mickey and Minnie came out.  Priceless.

After a little intro with Mickey and Minnie, Cars was first.  The show was World of Fantasy, so it had Cars, Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell, and Toy Story.  I really want to see Frozen on Ice, but it wasn't showing in our city.  So I thought Ariel and Tinkerbell were the next best thing.  Although, if I had to do it again, I would make sure it was a show that either had all of the characters she knows--OR has one theme (like Frozen).  Toy story took up most of the second half and she hasn't even seen it yet.

She was in heaven for the Little Mermaid part, though.

Boppa is pointing out Prince Eric!




The costumes and set for Toy Story were cute.

But it did get a little long.

And it was based on Toy Story 3.  I haven't even seen that yet.

 Overall, it was a great time.  It was a nice distraction in the middle of the move.  It was nice to just take Olivia out without Logan and do something fun with her.  She loved it.  She is still talking about it--nearly a month later. She also reenacts it in our kitchen over and over (and has made Michael "skate" with her a time or two).  I love that we created a fun memory and hope to have other fun experiences in the future!

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  1. My parents actually bought tickets for all of their grandchildren to see Disney's Frozen on Ice in April so this makes me really excited! We have talked about it with Sadie but she hasn't really gotten it, so hopefully she will enjoy it when we get there :)