Thursday, March 12, 2015

12 Months--Logan

Yep.  Logan is 13 months, and I never did a 12 month post.  I actually didn't even take pictures of him with his little 12 month sticker.  I've also been meaning to get him a one year photo shoot, but that has happened yet either.  Poor second kid.. who had a birthday right around when we were moving...
*Right around your birthday you were 23 pounds and 30 inches.

*You moved into 12 month clothes around your birthday.  Some people are blaming the TX snow on me--because it was 70 degrees for the month Boppa was here and we weren't.  And you only have winter clothes in size 12 months and I was slightly worried.

*You wear size 4 diapers, but size 5 in nighttime ones.

*You are wearing size 12 to 18 month pedipeds (shoes), which I think translates into a size 5/5 1/2

Drinking your first green monster--in sister's old straw cup
*Even with the move, your schedule has remained pretty much the same.  There was a week where I thought you might be giving up your morning nap (same thing happened to Olivia around the same time), but nope.  You still need and want two naps a day.

*You are done with bottles and drink exclusively out of sippy cups.

*You are a great eater.  You eat almost anything we give you.  You also eat the foods sister decides she doesn't want to eat.  It's great!

*Thankfully, you seem to have grown out of your milk/soy issues. (We haven't tried corn, but I'm not careful about it being in products you eat so I'm sure it's fine.)  Even so, you don't seem to love regular yogurt.  You definitely don't like cows milk, so you are back to drinking almond milk.

*You still only have the same 8 teeth you have had for months. (As far as I know!)

*You aren't much of a talker.  You say Boppa, ball, up, and sometimes I can get you to say Mama.  That is it so far.

*You do use your sign language, though.  You sign for eat, milk, and more.

*You took your first steps the day before your birthday.  It only started off as 2 steps for a few days. Then you were stuck at around 5 steps for quite a while.  Now, a month later, you are pretty fast and walk the entire length of the house with no issues.

You love to do this, and have been doing it regularly for months.  We need to get you to the Little Gym! :)
*You almost always listen and obey when we tell you "no".  Which is amazing!

*You are still very much a Mama's boy.  And we are STILL going through the stranger danger/separation anxiety phase.  I have to be in your line of sight or it is a melt down.  We are going on a solid 5 to 6 months of this, so I'm sort of hoping you get over it soon.   Boppa tells you all the time that you are going to owe me BIG when you grow up.

*Not only do you want to know where I am, but you pretty much want to be held 90% of the time.  Whew.  Mama is tired, yo!

*You are a sensitive soul.  Especially when it comes to Boppa. If he talks too loud, or tells you "no", you pretty much break down into a puddle of tears. Sweet boy.

*Your head is a weapon!  First, you are constantly banging it on things. Boppa says you need to wear a helmet.  But you also head butt and think it is hilarious. Oy.

*You play "peek-a-boo", clap your hands, blow kisses, wave good bye, and point to things you want.

You are growing into such a fun little boy.  You aren't a baby any more!  We love you, bubby!

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