Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Walk to the Park

*I think I'm almost caught up on my back posts*

Our first week and a half to two weeks here, the weather was nasty.  We actually had a "Texas Blizzard" (not my words), which was a day where we got about 6 inches.  In a city with no plows or salt trucks, you can only imagine...

So when it finally warmed up, we tried to get out and enjoy the weather.  We live relatively close to a park, so we loaded up the kids in the wagon and took a walk.
This was Logan's first time in the wagon.  Just like the Carousal and swings... he was just not sure. But as we kept going (and he could see me), he started to like it.

Olivia has conquered whatever weird slide fear she had, and has now become a fanatic.

This was the day we attempted the swings for a second time and it was a no go.  So Logan spent his time in one of our arms.  He didn't like the mulch either.

He did enjoy the slide, though.

He enjoyed the ride home

Spring is here!  I know there are many more park dates in our future!

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