Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

There is a blogging trend to share your favorite things on Friday.  I participated in years past, but I haven't done it in a while.  But I thought  I'd throw a quick one together for today.

We have had more play dates and friend meet ups in the last three weeks than I think we did the entire time we were in Ohio.  It has been great for Olivia to have friends to play with that are her age.  I've also got to go to dinner with an old friend, mommy chat with multiple MOPS friends at a play date, and I have plans for coffee next week with another MOPS friend.  It is good to be back!

I don't normally read fashion or beauty blogs or magazines.  I just don't have money to spend on $150 face wash or going shopping at Nordstroms twice a week.  BUT... in reading a recent post on a blog, I was made aware of The Wet Brush. The blogger said that it was amazing for tangles and that her daughter couldn't live without it.  Both Olivia and I have terribly tangly hair.  It doesn't matter that we use conditioner (although I'm sure it helps some).  I use tangle spray on Olivia's hair.  Again, it helps but hair time is still a struggle.  So I decided to give this brush a try.  I bought the big one first. I  was a little skeptical, so I didn't want to commit.  But it really is amazing!  So I bought Olivia her little one.  If you have tangle hair struggles in your house--you should give it a try.  I got ours at Target.

The sun! If I hadn't already lived in Texas before, my first three weeks back would have been rather worrisome. The weather was just like Ohio.  We had snow, ice, rain, more rain, and gray, gray gloomy skies.  One of the things we love about Texas is that (usually) there is sun every day.  Even if it rains, the sun usually peeks out at some point.  I am so glad that we are back to a normal sunny, warm Texas climate.  I just loaded us up on sunscreen the other day, so we are now prepared.  (And my arms did already get burned from sitting in our back yard for an hour one day!)

I don't watch a lot of TV.  When we moved to Texas (the first time!), we went from two TV's down to one.  Michael and I have very different taste.  So slowly it just turned into he would watch something and I would play online.  I can't really read blogs and pay attention to as how at the same time, so it just worked out.  We watch a few shows together every now and then--like Downton Abbey.   And I don't have time to watch during the day.  Nor do I want to watch adult shows in front of my kids.  So I just don't watch. But my friend recently told me about Hart of Dixie on Netflix and I love it!  It reminds me of Gilmore Girls in a way.  (My friend even thinks it might be shot on the same lot?!)  So I am trying to binge watch it when the kids are in bed.

There has been a lot of talk in my life lately (by others) about minimalism.  I'm certainly not one of those people who want two things on their walls and want to own one pair of shoes and only own one towel per person, etc.  But I do know that clutter gives me anxiety.  And I am at the point where I am just over THE STUFF.  There is an internal battle I have between thinking that one day I might need that item and just being over the crap loads of storage.  So I am on a journey to get rid of stuff.  I have started by trying to get rid of the obvious things like kids clothes.  I got into town right before my favorite consignment sale.  I got to shop at it, but I couldn't sell because my stuff wasn't even in the state.  But I am participating in my friend's MOPS Consignment sale this weekend.  I entered 167 items.  That is just scratching the surface.  I donated ton of stuff before we moved.  I've given stuff to friends and family.  I even took a load to Once Upon a Child and made a few bucks. I'm just ready to be done storing things.  Old clothes are easy, though. It's the educational books and toys (for me) and electronics and wires (for Michael) that is harder to part with. I can't wait to be free of some of this stuff! It is liberating!



  1. I have watched Hart of Dixie off and on for years.... Don't see how they are comparing it to Gilmore Girls tho?!?!

    1. WHAT!?!? And you didn't tell me about it?! It's not the same as in story line, but as in small town feel... fast talking Zoe... family relationships... I don't know? But my friend did look it up and the town square stuff was shot on the same lot.

  2. First off, so glad you came the other day. I'm glad the girls hit it off :) And secondly, I love Hart of Dixie! I watch it religiously!! And I used to watch Gilmore Girls, too. I never thought of comparing the two, but they are both cute, clean shows that are different than a lot of the other mess on tv.

  3. Sorry, friend. Guess I was slacking! It is a great light hearted, feel good show!