Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Weekend

Our weekends have been pretty dull lately.  We've been trying to stay close to home, so there really is nothing fun to report.  This last weekend, however, we had all sorts of fun.

The weather was nice on Friday and lots of neighbors were out.  Michael took Olivia out to play after dinner and she had a blast.  It took some convincing to get her to come home for bed.

On Saturday we headed to Dayton.  My best friend from high school (in Wisconsin!) now lives there. Her husband just graduated with his masters in aeronautical engineering with the Air Force and they were having a graduation party for him.  Aside from Laurie and Olivia, Allyssa and her little baby girl were the only ones who ventured out during a level 2 snow emergency to see Logan and I the day he was born.  I figured we could return the favor.  We were there most of the day.  I had a great time catching up.
I meant to take more pictures, but this is the only one I got.  She fell asleep on the way there.   Can you tell it's snowing outside the window?  Yes.  We had snow at the end of March. I'm over it.

Sunday night I got to have dinner with this handsome guy. Alone.
Laurie offered to babysit and we took her up on it!  We have only been on a handful of dates since Olivia's arrival, so it was nice to just get out.  She asked jokingly if I would trust her.  I assume she meant because Logan is still so young.  There is probably no one in this world I would trust more with my children! I didn't worry one bit.  I'm pretty sure Olivia was as excited about our date as we were.  She found out recently that Laurie hadn't seen Tangled (Rapunzel).  She was shocked by this and made plans for Laurie to see it. :)

We tried to think of something out of the box to do, but our choices were limited for a Sunday night so we ended up seeing a movie.  It was nice to just be out and kid free.

Unfortunately, our fun stopped there.  We were woken up at 3 AM on Monday morning by a crying little girl who was covered in puke.  It appears that we brought home a little present from Dayton.  By the time I woke up on Monday morning, I wasn't feeling the best either.  Olivia and I have been quarantined to the master bedroom while Michael brings us supplies and takes care of Logan.   So far they are both doing alright.  Olivia seems to be almost back to normal too.  I'm hoping I will be good by tomorrow.  We spend 7 weeks inside and that one outing is what did it... Ugh.  Oh well.  As long as Logan doesn't get it.  This is Olivia's first time with a stomach bug, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Thankfully it was just a 24 hour bug.

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  1. I feel your pain about the snow. I have been griping about the cooler weather here but we definitely don't have snow on the ground! And hate to hear about the stomach bug - luckily we haven't been through that with Sadie yet either. I love the picture of you & your husband & I am glad you got to go on a date. I know some moms have a hard time leaving their babies, but it's also very healthy to keep your marriage thriving & sometimes mom & dad need sometime to themselves :) By the way, love your new blog background!