Friday, March 21, 2014

Five for Friday

Mommy took one for the team today. ;) The shirt was actually a hand-me-down.  I'm all for buying Superman, but I'm not about to willingly buy "Star" anything. Bleh.  But I did pair it nicely with some Gap jeans (also hand-me-downs). :)  And I chose this picture because you can kind of see his dimple.

In my very limited free time I have been working on this.  I've already got the frame. Now I just need to get it printed.  I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Has anyone else's house been taken over by Frozen?  We watched it months ago and Olivia didn't seem the least bit interested.  Then out of no where she started singing "Do you want to build a snowman?" about two weeks ago.  We watched the Jimmy Fallon version of "Let it Go" and she was begging for Frozen from then on.  Michael got a digital copy and she has watched it almost every day since.  She sings it all day long and quotes it.  I'm pretty sick of hearing, "Mommy, please don't shut me out again.  Please don't slam the door".  She has turned everything into Frozen.  She has two Barbie type dolls.  One came as gift from her first birthday.  She is now Elsa.  She is pictured taking a nap on a pillow, tucked in by the napkin from Olivia's picnic basket.  She has an Ariel doll that was given to her by the hospital from her stay.  She has never seen The Little Mermaid. Ariel has now become Anna.  She has also picked out her birthday gifts, which also are from Frozen.  Not only does she know most of the words to the songs, but she insists on acting them out. Therefore, I hear knocking on the door all day long.  I love the movie, but it might be time for us to thaw out a bit. :)


We've had a break through!  Little buddy will actually tolerate his swing now.  He seems to enjoy watching the mobile go around.  Not only that, but he has actually napped in there for at least one nap every day over the course of the week.  This has been super helpful, because he wants to be held almost all the time.  When I put him in his crib for naps, he's started that 45 minute intruder thing where he wakes up (from the natural sleep cycle) and can't get himself back to sleep.   I am getting very little done these days.  I was hoping that when we hit that 6 week growth spurt that we were going to turn the corner on a few issues.  I'm still waiting....

He tolerated this bouncer for a bit too.  It was enough for me to get dinner ready, which was nice.  I had to give him the paci a few times in between, but I'll take it!

A few weeks ago someone in my June mom's group asked if there was a 33 month growth spurt.  The consensus was yes. Olivia will be 33 months in two days.  We have seemed to have hit that growth spurt. At least the eating and sleeping part.  I'm glad I had the heads up!  She has never really been one to snack or ask for food.  She just eats at meal times and is content.  For the last week she has been asking for more food at every meal, saying "I'm hungry" and asking for snacks.  She has also actually napped twice in the last week during her rest time. She hasn't done that in months!  One nap was over 3 hours.  Last night she fell asleep before 8:30 and slept until 10 this morning. We'll see if her pants start "shrinking".

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