Monday, March 10, 2014

Roll & Play

When it came time to choosing a gift for Olivia from Logan I wanted it to be something other than just another random toy or book.  I was trying to come up with some meaningful idea, but nothing was sounding right.  I thought I'd go with something useful or functional but still fun.  I read about this game on a blog.  It's suppose to be a "first game" of sorts.  It says it's for 18 months and up.  I knew that the cards and tasks would be a little easy for Olivia, but I was wanting something that would teach the basics of a game--follow the rules, take turns, and follow through until the end.
I also thought it would be something I could play with her one handed while feeding Logan.

First, you roll the dice for it to land on a color.

Then you pick a card color that matches.  Each color represents a different category.  Yellow cards are for showing an emotion.  Blue cards are for reviewing colors (find something green).  Green cards are making animal noises. Purple practice body parts. Red cards require an action.  Orange are practice counting.

 This is her "surprised face". :)

We played it the first weekend after Logan was born.  In true Olivia fashion, the first time we played she had to roll each color once first before moving on.  That meant her "rolls" were more of dropping it down on the color she wanted to appear next.  What can I say?  She likes to check boxes off a list like her mommy I guess. :)  But we've played it a few times since, and she plays it right now.

Pulling her ears!
She knew all the cards the first time we played. Then she spent the rest of the day "reading" them and playing with them.  (She had them memorized after one round of play.)

 One of the sides on the cube actually has a spot for the cards to go in, so the game is all contained in one easy little spot.

Pointing out something purple

Touching her toes.

I think she likes it.  It's something different and gets her moving around, so I like it too.

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