Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm not Irish.  I didn't grow up eating corned beef and cabbage.  I've never had a beer in my life, so the green kind doesn't excite me.  The extent of my St. Patrick's Day fun is that I always wear green.  Oh, and I make sure to get at least one shamrock shake for the season. :)  Other than that, it's just another day around here.

I did decide that it would be a good opportunity to do a simple art project with Olivia, though.  I was looking for quick and simple, so I just went with a basic rainbow.  I gave her the choice of using paint or using glue (gluing construction paper squares on).  She chose paint.

I guided her finger at first in an attempt to show her what was to be done.  Then I let her go on her own.

She would sort of start out in the row and then end up doing random spots.  I'm still not sure if she just didn't understand/get what she was suppose to be doing, or if she was just choosing to do it her way.

So it ended up a mixture of me trying to get her in the right row and her doing spots all over, which is fine.

We set the rainbow aside for a bit, and while her fingers were still messy I gave her the plate with paint on it to play with. She was sort of mild and hesitant at first.  She didn't exactly know what she should be doing.

So I took her finger and swirled them around a bit and then she got into it more.

She actually spent just as much time, if not more, finger painting the plate as she did making the rainbow.

Then I let her (attempt to) glue the clouds...

The finished product

Little man and I did a few St. Patrick's day projects over the years.  Our first year we made a rainbow, and had a themed play date.  There is also a post with a leprechaun and a clover, a collection of art projects, and a leprechaun he made at preschool.

I attempted to get a picture of my littles in green. Logan wasn't too interested in sitting on his sister's lap.
We found his outfit and bib on super duper clearance at Kohls last June--long before we knew if we were having a boy or girl.  He doesn't really wear bibs yet, but I threw it on for the pictures.

Olivia decided she wanted to lay down, so I laid Logan next to her.  He just stared at her content as could be.

Then she decided to read to him her book about being a big sister.  She's recently become obsessed with it, and she has it memorized.

A little blurry, but she was showing him the pictures. She's a good big sister! :)

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