Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Long Locks Logan

When Olivia was born with a head full of fluffy black hair everyone was pretty surprised.  We got constant comments about it.  Obviously I am blonde, so I also got the "where did she get her dark hair from?" a lot.  People would tell me that it could still turn blonde.  Well, she got her hair from her daddy and it never did turn blonde.  It did lighten up quite a bit in the first few months and is now a really pretty brunette.  It has always been longer than most of her peers and gets lots of comments.

Needless to say, when Logan was born with a head full of hair I don't think anyone was surprised.  What did surprise me is just how long it is!  Even though in pictures it looks like Olivia's, it is actually quite different.  First of all, it was about an inch long when he came out.  Olivia's wasn't quite as long.  Second, it is not quite as thick/full as hers.  Third, it wasn't nearly as dark to begin with and you can already tell that his roots are very very light.  So there is a chance he may end up blonde.  If nothing else, it will likely be a very light brown. Lastly, it is much longer from the start.

Seeing that I grew up going to a Christian school, and then ended up teaching at one for years... I jokingly said that he came out of the womb already breaking dress code.  His hair is way below the top of his ears! :)  The funny thing is, a teacher friend came over and without even knowing it made the same exact response.  I guess that dress code mentality is brain washed in.

This isn't a great picture, but he was getting ready to get a bath so I made his greasy hair into a faux hawk to try to show off the length.

Really, I don't mind.  I personally like that my babies have hair.

I mean, how cute is he?!?!

But what I don't love is this....
Seriously?!?  How is one born with locks down his back!?

It's not like I can cut a one month old's bobble head of hair.
Olivia's first haircut was at 6 1/2 months after much pressure to get rid of the scraggly long ends.  I often said that if she had been a boy her first hair cut would have been sooner.  I had no idea that I'd have a boy and his hair would be even longer!

 Then it does this funky thing after he's been held for a while.

We aren't ones for long haired boys, so it will be getting cut.  As soon as I can work up the courage. :)

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