Saturday, January 8, 2011

We're Here!

My husband keeps nagging me to blog again, so here I am! :)  It's not that I don't want to blog.  I do!  It's just that we were busy (and exhausted!) with all things move related.  Then we didn't have any internet access for a week.  I think about blogging at night, but just the thought of typing out my thoughts makes me tired! :)  So anyway, here I am.

The move went pretty good.  The packers came on Tuesday the 28th.  They had the whole condo packed up in 5 hours!  This had it's pros and cons, but overall I was happy that they did it and not me.  We thought by having the movers come and do all the work for us that we'd have more free time.  This wasn't necessarily the case.  We spent the rest of the afternoon running errands.  By the time we got back to his mom's house, we were exhausted.  We ended up going to bed at 7:30 that night!

The loaders came on Wednesday the 29th.  They took about 4 hours.  For whatever reason they didn't have our car listed on their sheet (or the driver didn't know anyway), so that was a bit of a hassle we had to deal with.  After they left we ran errands (AGAIN), and then went back to clean the condo.  After about an hour and a half we decided it would be worth it to pay someone to do it.  It's not that it was filthy, but it was going on the market empty and it needed a deep cleaning (baseboards wiped, vents dusted, bathrooms scrubbed spotless, etc.).  We called around and set up for people to come.

Thursday the cleaners came and we, once again, ran last minute errands.  It was worth every penny to me to have someone else clean.  We were mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.

Friday morning we hit the road.  It was suppose to take us about eight and a half to nine hours to get to Michael's sisters house in western Tennessee.  This was actually a perfect place for us to stop, because it's almost exactly half way.  We took our time, went the speed limit since it was a holiday weekend!, stopped for meals and potty breaks, and got there in about 10 hours.  We had a nice relaxing evening.

We left mid morning Saturday to finish out our trip.  Again, we took our time.  It took us about 10 hours again.  We got in, ate dinner, and went right to bed! 

Sunday morning we checked out a church that had been recommended to us (probably not going to happen.... more on that later!).  Then we went and got our apartment keys.  The whole day went much faster than we had expected.

Bright and early Monday morning the guys showed up with our stuff.  They had the truck unloaded in about two hours.  They did a really good job.  I liked the unloaders better than the packers and loaders.  I felt like they were more gentle with my stuff!  We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon unpacking.  We have a TON of stuff.  Even though our apartment is similar in square footage to our condo, it's a different lay out/set up and doesn't have a huge laundry room/storage room.  We have lots of cabinets for storage, but it's just different.  Before we had two living spaces and one bedroom.  Now we have two bedrooms and one living space.  Everything has to find a new and different home. :)

I had to work the rest of this week.  Little Man and I went out exploring places around town.  We went to a nature preserve thing that had a dinosaur exhibit.  We went to the Science Museum.  We went bowling one day, and we checked out the Dallas Zoo.  After work on Tuesday and Wednesday, nothing was accomplished in unpacking and settling the apartment.  We had a list of things that we needed to get.  Thank goodness for Christmas gift cards!  I got off a little early on Thursday, so a bulk of unpacking and putting away got done then.  This weekend we just need to go through a few more boxes, and then start to put the decorations and things where they should go.  We also have to decided what we want to put in storage.  Luckily my bosses house is HUGE and they have allowed us to store things in an extra room of theirs.

I will get pictures up of our apartment as soon as things are in place.  Hopefully more blogs will be coming too--and not as boring as this one. :)

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