Sunday, January 16, 2011

Books, Books, We've Got Books!

Honestly, I love books.  I love getting information on things I that interest me.  But this baby book thing is getting a little out of control!  I have baby books coming out the wazoo!

The day I found out I was pregnant I went out and purchased two books.

We read our "new week" information every Sunday.  Since this is our first, it's nice to see what is happening to the baby and what could possibly be happening to my body.

I also thought this was a good buy.  Michael is all about researching things on Consumer Reports!
There is a lot I know about babies and kids.  I became an aunt at 10.  I taught two year old children's church every Sunday for 6 years.  I babysat.  I have a degree in elementary education.  Plus, being a nanny, I have learned even more.  But there are some things I don't know.  This book gave information and made me think about some things I hadn't thought about before.  Some things were obvious and some I already knew, but I'm glad I got it.

Then, my dear cousin Sonja loaned me some books.  She loaned me some that were already on my list of "to read books", so I am grateful.

She loaned me:
I've only read a few chapters, but I already love this concept.

I had intentions of buying this book and giving it to Michael as a gift to tell him we were pregnant.  Yeah, I couldn't wait so that didn't happen.  Instead we shall borrow it from John (Sonja's husband).  Michael has already read the first trimester part.  (He's pretty stinking excited about this whole baby thing if you didn't already know!!)

Ok, so she actually gave me the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins, but it's basically the same idea.  I have yet to check it out, but will!

I also checked out some books from the library

As a first time mom, I loved this book!  It was small, easy to read, and packed with good information.  I even told Michael I might want to buy it.  I should have been taking notes!!

Oh yes I did.  She is a little crass sometimes, but I figured she'd tell it how she is.  Man, it sounds like she had it rough!  Michael and I actually listened to this on CD while driving to Indiana.  He kept saying, "That's not normal right?  I mean, she had it worse than normal woman right?"  I'm not so sure, but according to my experience so far--Yes!  Oh, and she gained 60 pounds!!  It was slightly informative though.

I also listened to this on CD
I'm not sure that was the best idea.  I was like 9 weeks along and it scared the crap out of me.  There were so many things I "should be doing" and eating and supplements I should be taking and on and on.  It sort of made me feel like a failure already!  I got over it though. :)  I did gain some new and helpful information, which is always good.

We had some money to spend on Amazon, so we also ordered this
It had overwhelmingly good reviews on amazon and some people on recommended it as well.  It appears to be a sort of goofy guide, but it actually is very informative.  I think Michael has liked what he has read so far.  He's also learned a few things.  I even read a few chapters and thought it would be a good help for Michael.

On top of all of those--my boss gave me 5 huge books.  Some are for after the baby is born though.  (Like The Expectant Father: The Toddler Years, and What to Expect The First Year).  One of the books is all about attachment parenting, which I don't think I'm too keen on.  We'll see about the other two.  Two of them are like 700 pages long, so I'm doubting it! :)  Either way, I am thankful she thought of me.

That's 14 baby books!!  I'm hoping between this wide variety of books and the knowledge I already have that I'll be set.  Do you have any other recommendations that I've missed?

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  1. I caution you...I read so many books that I started second guessing myself (after I had the baby). Don't read to the point that it makes you start comparing your baby to every child and what every author says your baby should be will drive you nuts. It is the one piece of advice I give to all moms since I had Sammy: forget the books and go with your instinct!!