Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This and That

  •  We went to the doctor yesterday.  It was our first appointment here in Texas.  She was really nice.  She did a quick ultrasound just to check in.  She said she could maybe see what the sex was, but baby was not cooperating.  We did see the spine, the face, and hear the heartbeat.  All is good.  However, the baby would not uncross it's legs.  She said it was sitting Indian style, which she then corrected with "criss cross". :)  She shook my belly over and over, but no such luck.  Oh well.  We didn't expect to find out the sex yesterday.  We can wait three more weeks.
  • Even though the baby wouldn't move during the ultrasound, I definitely felt it yesterday afternoon.  It was not gas or hunger pains like the books said I could mistake it for.  It was definite baby movement.  YAY!
  • We visited our third church on Sunday.  The first one was a no.  The second one was a possibility.  This third one was also a no.  Even though we think we might end up at the second one, we want to make sure.  We want to visit a few before we make the decision.  That way, we don't wonder later, or want to change after six months....especially with a baby on the way.  We should have one to call "home" soon!
  • Our appointment to find out "what it is" is scheduled for Tuesday, February 15th.  We can't wait.
  • For those of you who may not have read on Facebook--We had a showing on our condo on Saturday.  Really, I was just happy to have someone looking at it.  We got an email from our Realtor saying the feedback was very positive.  The buyer liked the location of the condo (as opposed to others in the complex that are for sale), the upgrades, and that it was well maintained.  The agent said it is on their short list and they will be scheduling a second showing soon.  Our Realtor was going to follow up with them, but we haven't heard anything yet.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it would be GREAT if they at least made an offer.  I just want something to work with!
  • Pictures of the apartment are coming!  I promise.  They should be on here Thursday.  It might be Thursday and Friday.  We'll see.  I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats! :)

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