Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grilled PB&J?!

While I was perusing the bump, I came across a post that had something to do with "foods you can't get enough of".  I figured since I didn't have any cravings, I'd read what every one else was craving and see if anything sparked and interest. :)  Yep, still not craving anything.  BUT, someone did share the idea of a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I thought it was worth checking out.  I love grilled cheese.  I usually have to be in the mood for a pb&j and the mood doesn't strike me often.  However, I thought grilling it would add an element of fun and make it yummy.  So... I tried it!

First, you just make your sandwich as usual.  I had actually made my the day before to take in my lunch.  I didn't eat it though.  I wouldn't recommend this.  Not that it was bad, but I don't think coming out of the fridge into the frying pan was a great idea.

Anyway, then you butter the bread like you normally would for a grilled cheese and grill it!
It is slightly messier, so be prepared with napkins.

I'm not going to say this sandwich changed my life or anything, but it was pretty tasty.  

Next time I want to change these things:
  • Not use cold bread
  • Use better bread (not the super healthy stuff!)
  • Use different jelly (Michael and I have different opinions on this)
  • Cook slower at a lower temperature
  • Use more butter!  Because why not?! :)
I think a toasted peanut butter and honey sandwich would be pretty amazing too!

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  1. sounds fantastic! will have to try one of these days! peanut butter, honey and banana, that would be awesome grilled!