Monday, January 10, 2011

14 weeks

I have been following a few blogs who have been doing this fun weekly check in.  I figured there were some people out there that would actually like to know what's going on with my pregnancy and see bump pictures as it comes.  My new pregnancy "week" actually starts on Sundays, but I'm going to post on Mondays.  That way I can take a picture on Sundays and have all the information I need. (I am going to add a few categories as well.)

(I feel like I have a little bump, and Michael can tell there is a little bump.  Unfortunately, I just look fat to everyone else! :)

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a lemon

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I debated on whether or not I wanted to keep this section in here.  Some people can be so judgmental!  For now, I will keep it in.  It may disappear along the way though! :)  Just so people know--they say healthy weight gain is between 25 and 35 pounds.  If you are overweight (as I am), it should be a little less.  I've read multiple places that realistically most women these days gain closer to 40 or 50.   Knowing my family history and genes, I expect to gain at least 30.  I'm hoping it's not more than that, but I'm not a fool either.  Anyway, my weight has fluctuated during the past few months.  I gain, then I lose two pounds, then I gain a pound back, then lose that pound.  I've was around the 5 pound mark for many weeks.  At my Dr.'s appointment three weeks ago I had gained 7 pounds (the most yet).  I was sure that eating out (almost every meal!) for the last three weeks was going to wreak havoc on my weight.  We unpacked the scale a few days ago and I am down 3 1/2 pounds.  That means I have gained a total of 3 1/2 pounds.  I feel like I've gained about 15.  I feel like I look like I've gained 15.  I'll take 3 1/2 pounds though!  I think I remember reading somewhere that you should gain between 2 and 5 pounds your first trimester.  The fact that I am within the range delights me.  (That's what being overweight your whole life does to you!)

Maternity Clothes: A mix of regular and maternity.  I realize most people don't start wearing maternity clothes until later.  I read all the tricks about trying to make your pants fit (hair ties and rubber bands).  I had already bought maternity pants and I figured I'd rather be comfortable than deal with hair bands or tight pants.  Plus, half my pregnancy is going to be in the spring and summer in Texas.  I can only wear the maternity pants for so long, so I might as well!  I'm still wearing regular shirts for the most part.

Gender: I am thinking it's a boy.  I've thought it was a boy from the very beginning.  Actually, I thought it was going to be a boy even before we got pregnant.  We've had a boy's name picked out for over a year.  For whatever reason, it just feels like a boy.  Most people say they think it's a boy too.  My cousin Erica and Little Man are the only ones who think it's going to be a girl.  We'll find out in a few weeks!
(Although I did just have a dream that it was a girl?!?)

Movement: Nothing yet

Sleep: My sleep is alright.  I did buy a snoogle (pregnancy pillow).  I have to get up to pee a lot in the middle of the night, but that seems to be getting a little better.

What I miss: Diet Coke.. My Dr. said soda is OK.  You can have 300mg of caffeine a day. Even still, I am trying not to drink too much caffeine.  I have not had any Diet Coke because of all the artificial sweeteners in it.  If I do have a soda, it's either caffeine free (Ginger Ale) or regular (Dr. Pepper).  Mostly I drink water, orange juice, or lemonade though.

Cravings: Nothing really... there are times when things sound good to me, but I wouldn't classify it as a craving.  Things that have sounded good to me are orange juice, any kind of bread (rolls, breadsticks, etc), and popsicles
Food aversions: Nothing really... there are times when food in general does not sound good to me, but there hasn't been anything that has grossed me out.

Symptoms: I haven't had too many pregnancy related symptoms.  My acne is bad (unfortunately).  I'm more tired than usual.  There were times when I would get super hungry, but that has seemed to pass.  That's it really.  Sometimes I forget I'm even pregnant!
Surprises: I'm surprised at how many symptoms I haven't had.  I was actually relieved to have the Dr.'s appointment and see the heartbeat.  I was getting worried.  I keep reading and hearing that I am suppose to have all these symptoms and I haven't had any.  I think the two most surprising things to me is that a) I never had any morning sickness and b) I haven't been emotional at all.  I even warned Michael that all the books said I was going to lose it and to beware.  Nothing. (not yet anyway)

Best Moment This Week: Choosing a hospital to deliver here in Texas and setting up a Dr.'s appointment.  It was starting to worry me.  It's all new here and that's a little scary.

Fun purchases: We bought a new recliner!  I had a friend who had a baby a few years ago.  She said that the best advice she got was to skip the baby rockers and/or gliders and to get a regular/nice recliner.  She said if you breast feed, you may end up sleeping in it in the middle of the night.  Either way, you'll be spending a lot of time sitting and rocking your baby.  You might as well be comfortable.  Then, when the baby is older, you have a piece of furniture you can add to your living room instead of a piece of baby furniture that isn't really going to do you any good.  I liked this idea, so that's what we went with.  Our old recliner was having some issues, so we got a nice new leather one.

Milestones: I made it through the first trimester!


  1. yay finally a pregnancy post!! Glad things are going so well, sounds like my pregnancy with Molly exactly! (and I still remain firm on my belief that it's a girl!!)
    I gained 44 w/ Ryan and 33 w/ Molly. I'm not ashamed to admit it..who cares?! It is what it is, I gain weight..story of my life! You look adorable w/ a little bump, I showed so soon w/ Molly that I really couldn't keep it a secret if I wanted to! We short waisted gals just show sooner than the rest! Can't wait to see it continue to grow! You are glowing and maternity clothes?! the sooner the better, you are way more comfortable in them then anything else and lucky for you since you'll be preggo in the spring/summer you can wear lots of skirts and dresses!
    Glad the move went well and you made it safely..I have missed your blog! Love you!

  2. We're a third of the way there! You're doing great! Love ya!

  3. put me down for a girl too. enjoy your new chair!

  4. I glad you are doing so well! :-) The rest of the pregnancy should be a breeze now!

    Love ya B!


  5. Is this picture taken in a corner of your new place???? Let's see more!

  6. I agree with a recliner...I had a glider, and it was uncomfortable. At Thanksgiving, Sammy was grouchy and fell asleep on me while we rocked in Dave's grandmother's recliner, and I told Dave that day that with the next one, I want a recliner!!